Alliance of space technology and artistic thought embodied in jewellery

The Singularity Ring

As the first of the 4 pieces of the Illusion of Antigravity collection, the ring is uniquely crafted and inspired by the gravitational singularity of a black hole: the existence of a rare point in time and space where light makes the illusion of being distorted. The stone in the ring represents this very point that needs to be surrounded.

The Attraction and Repulsion Earrings

The collection is created using the unique precious alloy PalladinGold™ 950, which consists of 95% of palladium and only 5% of alloying elements making the alloy as hard as stainless steel. The Attraction and Repulsion earrings represent the natural attraction and completion of perfect opposites. The earrings designed as a mismatch perfectly complement each other. Different by nature, together they create a singularity reaching complete harmony.

The Star Sublimation Brooch/Pendant

A unique design inspired by the transformation of stars during their lifecycle. Like a star this jewellery piece uniquely transforms from a pendant to a brooch, and from a brooch to a pendant. The extraordinary palladium alloy and its rare hardness allows the creation of such a large in volume shape without any deformation, thus preserving its original look without scratches.

The Event Horizon Ring

The name “Event Horizon” was attributed to this ring in resemblance of the centre of a black hole where time and space disappear. The interwined arcs visualise the complexity of the space-time continuum often described by physicists.

The Antigravity Illusion —
the product of the collaboration

The jewellery studio PalladinGold and the talented jewellery designer, Tatyana Kholodnova, present their collaboration: alliance of space technology and artistic thought embodied in jewellery.

The Antigravity Illusion - the product of the collaboration - Is based on the work of the Honoured Jeweller of Russia Felix Kuznetsov "Crown "Ramses II", which represents the illusion of antigravity in the perception of a real object. The collection is an exquisite four-piece jewellery set designed as a continuous line forming a 3-dimensional abstract shape. It is the result of an unparalleled unification of space technology, unique alloys and artistic thought.

Thanks to the unique characteristics of the precious alloy PalladinGold™ 950, such as improved hardness, it is now possible to bring the boldest design ideas to life for everyday use without fearing the deformation of the jewellery.

Who we are

The PalladinGold™ jewellery studio was founded by Sergey Kostin, who created multiple jewellery alloys based on precious metals, using his experience in the aerospace industry. His alloys are unique in hardness and strength, which differs them from traditional jewellery alloys. His daughter Anna, who has a bachelor’s degree in arts and jewellery production, consults clients and coordinates projects.

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Tatyana Kholodnova is the designer with a degree in Jewellery Design and 12 years of work experience in the jewellery industry.

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